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Nana's Cancer Bracelets

Nana's Cancer Bracelets

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Nana's Cancer Bracelets

It's been a little over a month that my mom (aka Nana) has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A lot of her medical expenses have not been covered and now that she is onto Chemo and soon Radiation. We have decided to come up with different avenues to help cover her medical costs. 

I saw these bracelets and thought what a great way to help raise money for her. They are super cute and PINK, my favorite color. I love the motivational words "believe, hope, and faith". The most inspirational words that I can think of when it comes to those who have been diagnosed with cancer. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to my mom to help her pay for any medical treatment she will need. We all know that during a time of healing, expenses should not be on anyone's mind. Thanks again for purchasing Nana's Cancer Bracelets!! God Bless Ya'll!!!

Bracelets Description 

Bracelets are baby pink with labels believe, hope, faith, and cancer. The bracelets have an extension chain on them to help tighten and loosen as needed.

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